Sensitivity testing – the Fire Safety Services test you didn’t know you need to take

Smoke detectors are one of the most essential parts of your fire safety services, and definitely the fire protection device that most people are familiar with. While there are multiple parts that work together to ensure fire systems are working…
fire protection nbn

Is your building ready to deal with the Work Safety Hazards caused by NBN network disruptions?

If you oversee running a building, a recent Victorian Worksafe alert regarding NBN installation and your fire protection systems should be a cause for concern and immediate action. According to the announcement, the NBN installation roll…
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Stay alert about fire safety services - The VBA standard changes you should know about

Keeping buildings and spaces safe is one of the most important aspects of fire safety services – and why you engage experts to service, maintain and keep an eye on them. Every service provider is overseen by The Victorian Building Authority…