Is your building ready to deal with the Work Safety Hazards caused by NBN network disruptions?

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If you oversee running a building, a recent Victorian Worksafe alert regarding NBN installation and your fire protection systems should be a cause for concern and immediate action.

According to the announcement, the NBN installation roll out across the country will affect the operation of lift emergency phones, fire alarm panels, back to base security systems, medical alert systems and landline phones in many Australian buildings.

This means that the property under your management could be left without their fire indicator panels and emergency phones connected if they’re not migrated to the NBN access network or an alternate telecommunications network. This is because unlike the existing PSTN line, which is designed to work during power outages, NBN network uses fibre optic technology, which doesn’t carry power.

Non-deployment of an alternate solution to ensure each of these safety measures are functioning normally would be a breach of Work Hazard Safety Act.

Under the circumstances, you as the building owner or manager should take the following steps to ensure the safety of your tenants and visitors, while adhering to the required compliance laws.

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5 steps to ensure your building remains safe and compliant with the NBN roll-out

  1. You need to be aware of the NBN rollout plan for your area. You can check if the build has commenced in your area by checking the NBN rollout Map for you state and city here.
    Also, property owners in areas of deployment are usually informed about the build commencement dates and any possible disruptions due to it, in advance via mail, so we suggest you keep a close eye on any such communication.
  2. To continue the usage of your fire indicator panels and lift emergency phones which operate using a landline phone connection, you will need to move your services over to the NBN access network or an alternate telecommunications network.
  3. To identify services that may need assistance to move before existing networks are switched off, NBN strongly recommends that you register each service with full phone number of your lift emergency phones and fire indicator panels with NBN on NBN Co’s fire and lift register page or by calling 1800 227 300.

You will be required to register the following information will be needed to register:

  • The monitored fire alarm or lift phone telephone number.
  • Details of the building location.
  • Contact details of the person registering.
  1. Work with a specialist fire service provider to map out options for migrating your fire alarm to the NBN access network or another network prior to the disconnection of your current service, so that the expected NBN deployment related disruptions don’t affect your property and cause any safety concerns.
  2. Once your building alarm system has been migrated, ensure it is successfully tested and notify NBN, that the service has been migrated.

TCM Solutions is here to help you migrate quickly, efficiently and safely

Whether you’re a TCM Solutions current customer and or just needing a proven specialist in this area, we are here to assist you through each stage of the migration process.

Get in touch with TCM solutions today on 03 8470 9600 or click here to make an enquiry and we will ensure your building’s safety system migrates in time and remains WHS compliant.